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You know that for you, the key to a fulfilling life and career lies in being your own boss. But how do you start a business the right way?

Yes, there is a right way to start a business.

Over 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years. The leading cause of failure? 

Poor planning.

You're better than that. You have a vision, you have a purpose. All you need now is a plan. I'm here to provide the training and direction you need to reach your goals and live the greatness you were made for. 

Planning is what separates the dreamers from the doers. It's the bridge between failure and success. And if you join me today and make a commitment to cross that bridge, you'll find in just a few weeks that your dreams are within your grasp.



I've created worksheets, transcripts, templates, and explainers to help you organize your planning and research.



Watch recorded lessons once, twice, as many times as you need, whenever you want to guide your development as an entrepreneur.


Online Support

Get your questions answered any time with unlimited email correspondence with yours truly - ME.

Online Support

Office Hours

Dial in or join a group to brainstorm and chat with me and your peers during weekly virtual office hours.

Office Hours

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome!
    • Getting Ready
  • 2
    Defining Your Business
    • What You're Selling And What You're Really Selling
    • Creating Your Business Avatar
  • 3
    Branding And Positioning
    • Components Of A Brand
    • Building Your Brand
  • 4
    Breaking Through Entry Barriers
    • Market Research
    • Competitor Research
    • Supplier Research
    • Trend Research
  • 5
    Outlining Your Operations
    • How Does Your Business Work?
    • How Does Cash Flow Through Your Business?
    • Creating Presentable Cash Flow Predictions
  • 6
    Marketing And Goal Setting
    • Goal Setting
    • Marketing
    • Developing Your Marketing Strategy
  • 7
    Documenting Processes
    • Outlining Departmental Activities
    • Drafting Job Descriptions
  • 8
    Preparing Your Environment
    • What Is A Business Plan?
    • Why Are You Writing A Business Plan?
    • Are You Ready To Start A Business?
  • 9
    Bringing It All Together
    • The Parts Of A Business Plan
    • Putting Your Plan Together

You were born to thrive!

I'm here to show you how.

  • Whitney Raver

    Whitney Raver

    Head Coach

    I started building businesses at ten years old when I got tired of being hungry. Since then I've put myself through college, paid for a beautiful fairy tale wedding and epic international honeymoon, traveled with my family and settled down in my dream cabin tucked quietly away in the woods. I've even been able to stay home with my babies in their early years without missing a out on developing my career. Through the gifts of planning, organization, and entrepreneurship I've been able to live as I was meant to. I created MakeShift to make sure you have the tools to live up to your potential too. Member of the Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Committee Member of the National Small Business Association, Wife, Mom and Passionate Entrepreneur

You were put on this earth to succeed.

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    Whether or not you already have a professional website, you need a Google page listing. For graduates of this course, we'll get your business verified with Google and set up your Google business listing to improve your search engine rankings and make sure your business is getting found online.

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    Access to this course usually expires after just ten weeks. However, if you enroll now you'll retain access to this course for life. Need to update your business plan down the road? Ready to start another business? No problem! Just log in and start over from the beginning.

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I know this is the right option for you.

This is the one.

Running a business is hard. Starting a business is scary. But this course offers everything you need to cut out the guess work and start your business the right way in just six weeks. Here's what you'll learn

  • How to research, plan and optimize your business strategy to ensure success.

  • How to build a brand customers will love giving money to.

  • The top secrets to building millionaire habits.

  • The complete step-by-step process to finding and recruiting loyal, hard working employees.

  • The 3 biggest mistakes that venture financers can't stand and how to avoid them.

This process is tested and proven...

“Many people can claim knowledge of digital marketing and business development, but I have never met anyone as expert as Whitney before. Whitney and her team can help you to reach your goal and beyond. She helped me create a professional business plan, marketing strategy, and she coached me to think like a business owner. I gained the confidence needed to take my business to investors and excel.”

Mohamed Jama, Healthcare Extension, Promotion and Training OrganizationMohamed Jama, Healthcare Extension, Promotion and Training Organization


  • Can anyone take this class?

    Yes, anyone hoping to start a successful business is welcome to join this class. However, to make sure each participant gets adequate personal attention enrollment is limited to 45 students per session.

  • What if I don't like the class?

    If you don't feel the class is right for you simply send your instructor an email within the first two weeks of classes for a full refund.

  • Do I have to finish in six weeks?

    The class is designed to get aspiring entrepreneurs up and running in just six weeks, but you're welcome to take all the time you need.

  • Is there a payment plan?

    There is no payment plan for the 6-Week intensive. However, there is also a 12-week option that does feature payment options.

One more thing!

As your instructor, I want you to know something...

I know exactly how you feel right now. I remember when I made the leap into entrepreneurship. Not as a child with nothing to lose, but as a new mother with a mortgage, a mountain of debt, and an important choice. 

Should I put my newborn in daycare, and take the paycheck toiling endlessly on someone else's dream? Or should I tell my husband to hold on and take my whole family down the road less traveled? Most importantly, what will happen if I fail?

Sound familiar?

I want you to know that you have the final word in whether you fail or succeed. All you have to do to succeed is reach out to those who went before you, and believe that you truly can make your dreams come true. 

The Business Plan Boot Camp was designed to make the bridge between aspiring entrepreneur and successful business owner a little safer, a little more secure. I hope you'll join me in working to secure your success, and the life you deserve. 

With love,